Verbier ride Ability Levels

  • Ability levels vary from off-piste virgins to professional freeriders
  • An adventurous spirit & the desire to confront new challenges essential!

Our clients’ boarding abilities
vary from those that have never ventured off-piste before to those who
have competed professionally at the highest level. Clients’ needs vary
from those looking for intensive coaching on technique to those who just
want to discover Verbier’s secret spots and shred them.

Level 1 Intermediate

Pre-requisite: At least one week of snowboarding, able to perform comfortable turns on blue and red slopes but less confident on blacks.

Level 2 Intermediate II

Pre-requisite: Comfortable riding all gradients on piste, link at least 8 switch turns on blue slopes.

Level 3 Advanced

Pre-requisite: Able to carve on blue slopes and have some jump experience. Able to make short radius turns on blacks and have a comfortable level off piste. Some mogul experience

Level 4 Advanced II

Pre-requisite: Able to carve on red slopes and can spin off a jump. Should be able to make high speed large radius turns on blacks and ride steeper off piste. Comfortable in moguls.

Level 5 Expert

Pre-requisite: Able to ride anywhere on piste switch and go off a jump switch as well. Should be able to make high speed short arc turns on blacks and comfortable off piste everywhere. Ride a narrow corridor in moguls.

Level 6 Expert II

Pre-requisite: Be able to rip with style and control everywhere on and off piste.