Snowboarding – Private Coaching in Verbier


Do you feel like you want to go faster but lack confidence and control?
Find bumps impossible? Do you tense up and go back to your old habits on
the steeps (just kick that board around)? Can’t hold an edge on a carve
turn? Want to go off-piste but keep getting stuck? Want to learn some new
tricks but don’t know where to start?

Well if you can relate to any of these, want to go off-piste, board some
new steeper lines or couloirs, or just feel like you are not progressing
any more and want to avoid the pain aches and bruises then maybe private
coaching is for you. If you’re getting frustrated or even thinking about
going back to skiing then let our snowboard coach improve and transform
your technical riding all over the mountain whether it be pulling tricks
in the park, carving, bumps or simply guiding you into untracked powder.