Verbier Bruson

Bruson is the best kept secret in Verbier as many regard getting to Bruson as a hassle as you need to take the bubble down to Le Chable, get on another bubble and then get on slow lifts before reaching the main ski area.

Once you get there if you do not know where to go then you often get bored and frustrated by the limited pisted routes. However if you do know where to go, especially when the weather is bad, then the tree skiing turns a terrible day into an amazing one.

The great tree lines are too numerous to mention, there are chutes and drops and once you have got that fix under your belt there is a fabulous descent to a nearby village where you enjoy a cold beer before catching the St Bernard Express train back to the resort.

Most of our coaches will tell you that the best skiing days of the season are often had in Bruson whilst Verbier remains in complete white out and most holidaymakers snow plough to the nearest pub to sit it out.