Verbier Mont Gele

Until recently the exquisite skiing of Mont Gelé required a 45 minute hike from the piste with your skis strapped to your back but now that the cable car is once again open it is impossible to believe how much fun you can have lapping this great mountain.

As you climb into the cable car you will be bemused by the number of skiers with skinny carving skis and clearly no idea what they are about to get themselves into. There are fantastic routes down virtually every aspect of the mountain which means that you will almost certainly find good conditions somewhere on the mountain.

There are marked descents which get tracked quickly but many of the best routes require strong nerves and confidence as you have to traverse across potentially life threatening drops but the rewards are worth it.

Mont Gele offers steeper couloirs but as they are quite wide they offer a good introduction to this more challenging skiing. Mont Gele is also the stepping off point for some of the famous couloirs that you will hear saisonnaires discussing breathlessly in the Mont Fort pub.